Currently recruiting:

Junior Scientist
We are looking for a talented, enthusiastic, hard-working, and friendly recent college graduate with a passion for human research, to support our efforts to solve some fundamental questions about multiple sclerosis for a minimum of 2 years. Experimental procedures include processing of human blood and cerebrospinal fluid samples, flow cytometry (analysis and sorting), next-generation sequencing (Iontorrent), and cloning/expression of monoclonal antibodies. Experience in any of these techniques would be great; some proficiency with standard lab techniques such as cell culture, molecular biology (PCR, cloning), and immuno-assays is required. This position requires significant flexibility with regards to work hours but offers unique opportunities to build a strong record for a future application to medical school or a bioscience graduate program.

Please submit your resume and a cover letter describing your interest to Erica Eggers and Dr. von Büdingen.

Postdoctoral Fellow
We are looking for a talented, enthusiastic, and hard-working scientist to work on an exciting project about disease-relevant B cell repertoires in multiple sclerosis (MS) patients. A background in immunology is required, as is a passion for human-based research; MDs and MD/PhDs are explicitly encouraged to apply. We study freshly obtained cerebrospinal fluid and blood samples from patients which sometimes become available at inconvenient hours and without much advance notice. Accordingly, flexibility in work hours is an absolute requirement. Our lab is embedded in the UCSF MS Research Group, collaborates closely with the biotech industry, and is equipped with a dedicated cell sorter and next-gen sequencer, giving access to a unique breadth of expertise and technologies. This environment together with the greater UCSF Community offer ample opportunity for professional and academic development. Unfortunately, we do no support H1-B visas.

If you’re interested in this position please submit your resume, a cover letter describing your interest, and the names of at least three references to Dr. von Büdingen.

To learn more about UCSF, visit http://www.ucsf.edu or http://postdocs.ucsf.edu